Destination Émotions

Application, Innovation, Education


Emotion management is the key to successful learning and school life. However, each child learns them at his own pace, according to his experience and his environment. But little is established in the education system to allow this very personal learning.

This learning will allow the student to appease the emotions that invade him on a daily basis. The student can be psychically released from any external event and therefore focus fully on his learning.

Destination Emotion is an educational application that allows children to learn to recognize, know and manage their emotions.

The app has nine levels of mini-games, each of which corresponds to a stage of learning emotions listed in the child. The goal is to provide a solid foundation of knowledge about the 6 main emotions that are: fear, sadness, joy, anger, surprise and disgust. We let the child self-evaluate and discover the world of emotions at his own pace. The child can come and go in different levels to fully acquire this knowledge.


Maud FRICHEMENT : Project Management, UX & Illustrations
Bérangère MARTIN : Digital Marketing
Julien MARSEILLE : Full stack developpement
Julien DAGUET : UI Design
Simon LUCAS : Front Developpement
Alison HEREDIA : Marketing & Illustrations