Web platform, Travel agency, Disability


Maud FRICHEMENT : Project Management, UX & UI
Bérangère MARTIN : Digital Marketing
Simon LUCAS : UI Design & Artistic direction
Cédric Coron : UI Design
Alison HEREDIA : Marketing & Illustrations


Nowadays, people love to go on holidays and travel the world. In France for example, 3/4 of people travel every year. We take Paris as an example, the third world capital of tourism. In Paris only 9 stations of the subway over 303 are accessible to disabled people. Only 9 !
For persons with physical and sensory disabilities, it’s a bit more complicated to go places. Whenever they want to go somewhere, they have to plan and prepare everything long before the actual trip. They can’t afford to be spontaneous.

This is why we created IZI, a web platform which simplify the tasks for the persons with disability. It is a powerful tool allowing to plan your trip to the smallest detail.
Our solution is simple : it's about allowing disabled people to have the opportunity to travel without having to worry about anything during the trip. They will have all informations they need, in a very easy way. Informations are provided by professionals and community of peoples with disability. The main purpose of our solution is to allow a full autonomy to our users. They can choose all steps of their travel, so that this one is really personnalised. And today, no other actor offer that

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