Unesco Discovery

Création d'un produit

UNESCO identifies and protects more than 1000 sites and traditions around the world. However, only some of them are known to most individuals and many need to be preserved. Giving people the opportunity to discover new places with exceptional history, unreal landscapes and unsuspected practices is the best way to preserve them. It is with this objective in mind that we have designed Unesco discovery, an application that identifies and highlights all UNESCO World Heritage sites.

This application allows everyone to discover these sites very easily, to know more, and to learn, every day. Unesco Discoveries makes you discover a new site every day. You can declare that you have already visited this place or add it to your favorites to rediscover it later. The user can also browse through the different categories of heritage and historic sites. A system of statistics and medals is available on the user's profile, encouraging him to discover more and more places and thus preserve them.

Image-first, Unesco discovery wants to remain minimalist and refined to give full rein to landscapes. We accompany them with three typographies: one without serif for the titles, one for the tags and one for the body of the text. A dominance of white and blue to preserve the freshness of the application with a few notes of light and bright gradient, as varied as the different landscapes protected by unesco.